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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Direct Bears Microwave Teddy Bear number 619 - Bagpuss

Microwave Heated Teddy Bears - These Fantastic 'Hot waterless bottles' are made with the highest quality supersoft fabrics and contain a wheat filled tummy insert. The tummy insert has been infused with lavender and camomile pure essential oil to help soothe and calm your little ones at bed time. Simply heat the insert in a microwave to enjoy a lovely warm cuddle. As well as being great huggable hotties they also make terrific toys. The fun packaging makes them a perfect gift, surely everyone would love a Warm cuddle or hug? Microwaveable teddy bears that provide natural heat and give a cosy feeling. Inserts are made with 100% cotton. Product is filled with natural wheat grain and pure essential oils.. We use either pure essential oils or lavender leaf, both of which are mixed with wheat grain. When gently heated/chilled as advised on the product label, these two natural elements create a relaxing and calming experience. Follow heating instructions on packaging. In time aroma may need replenishing, add a few drops of pure essential oil onto the cushion after heating.

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